The Corrs : Photos by MAH
Mementos of the magic the Corrs create when they are on stage

The Corrs are probably the best band in the world. But you already knew that, else you wouldn't be visiting here...

Here are some of the pictures I have taken at various Corrs concerts I have been lucky enough to be present at.


2005-SEP-03: Monaco pics added
2005-SEP-01: Ischgl pics added
2005-SEP-01: Converted over to TFT-Gallery
2005-AUG-30: Sharon @ Geneva added

New gallery software

Instead of hacking quickgallery beyond recognition to include things like file upload, albums, displaying 1st picture in an album as the album thumbnail, thumbnail caching, etc etc, I've found that someone else has already done something that pretty much fits the bill - TFT Gallery and so have installed that instead.

Go see the new gallery

Old Gallery software

For a while I will be keeping the old style stuff for my reference:

Bush Hall

Bush Hall



BBC Proms in the Park Sept 2004

Proms in the Park

Old, old style format - all in one page:

You *really* don't want to be looking at this.


Andrea Caroline

Enjoy! Marc (MAH on Corrboard)